Sunday, 11 August 2013

Keka cases by Solid Line Products

Hello  everyone,
  I know it's going to get really busy this month, I'm making loads of Beetroot Press stock for a Pop-up shop in Columbia road, London, I'll paste a bit more info soon, but feeling like I'm getting a bit behind...eek  

I've also recently licensed my designs to Keka by Solid Line Products, an American company.  They create and sell cases for iPads and kindles.  The hard back covers are water-resistant, use eco-friendly inks and they use the same type of vinyl used on race cars which is wrapped around recycled book boards.  I really want an ipad so feel like I have to get one now just so I can have one of my own designs on the case!....Although they don't seem to be shipping to the UK...yet

Here's the link to my page on the Keka website: Keka

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