Friday, 18 January 2013

The little white book of surface pattern designers

Happy Friday everyone,
  We had to get some supplies in for the forth coming snow, now, I thought it was an over-reaction, but apparently people can get snowed in around here.  Juls went to the supermarket and apparently everyone was going mad trying to get last minute rations, and most of the shelves were becoming empty!  Craziness.  I have looked out the window this morning, and there is snow, but not loads...yet.  Gladly I don't need to leave the house to work!
Pattern Addict
There is a new Surface pattern designers reference website at   It's an online book called, 'The little white book of surface pattern designers. 2013' showing established and up-and-coming freelance pattern designers.   It features me on page 81! and there are many wonderful designers included, so it's worth having a peek.

Here are some of my favorites, just click on the captions to go to their websites.

Pattern and Co
Njeri Designs

There is also a facebook page where you can see more work going forwards.  So come and say hello!

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