Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Fresh start

Hi Everyone, and Happy new year!  Hope you all had a great festive break.  I have been away for a while from blogging as had a bit of surgery and have been recovering, along with Christmas gatherings and the obligatory cold!

I made the above stocking for my friend's baby, Grace.  This is a photo from my friend with the stocking in place, ready for Santa.

I think this year is definitely a year for change, and more action!  Last year I was finding my feet a little with starting out freelancing and with Beetroot Press; my little business where I sell home and gifts on Folksy and Etsy.

I have made a few new year's resolutions, and one being that I go for more walks in my area and try to start doing a bit of foraging.  And to my delight, on our last walk, we found some chickweed, which you can add to salads or heat for a couple of minutes in butter and tastes like a mild lettuce, very nice.  I purchased the Collins gem, 'Food for free' book which has all the plants you can find out and about, season by season and it's in a handy pocket size, so easy to take along with you.

Below is the blackberry jam I made at Christmas, from foraged berries, as gifts for family.  I managed to keep half a pot for us, and it tasted pretty good, which surprised me as I have never made it before.  It was also much easier than I thought it would be, you just need to buy a cooking thermometer if you don't have one.  Here's the recipe I used, and make sure you sterilise the jars.

Other resolutions are to be more active in marketing myself, make new products for Beetroot Press by trying out different print techniques and see how they sell.  If you are interested, you can follow my path on the Beetroot press Facebook page where I post all my new items before I put them in my online shops and ask people's opinions.

So, I hope you all have a productive and happy year ahead, and do what you love!


Vintage Jane said...

I love a bit of foraging and always eagerly anticipate the arrival of the first wild garlic. M x

Sarah Papworth said...

I'm so excited about foraging for food, just had to look up when Wild garlic comes out. So much to learn! Sarah x

Susan said...

I love the new look of your blog :)

Sarah Papworth said...

Thanks Susan, it was too hectic before and too dull with the grey. I was waiting for a couple of free hours to change it. :)