Thursday, 26 January 2012

Inspiration - sewing book

I was given this Liberty sewing book recently and it has some great stuff to make in there and beautiful patterns to look at too!  The book has things like basic cushion covers, simple curtains, aprons, shopper bags, wash bag, bean bag, memo board, gadget cases, book covers, kimono, quilts and more!  It looks like there is something for everyone.
  The book also has the names of the liberty prints they have used in the projects so you can match the fabric if you wish.  There are guides at the back of the book to help with terms, different stitches, hems and equipment needed, which is perfect for me because I learnt all my sewing off my lovely Mum, so don't know everything that I always need to know.

Lovely patchwork quilt.

 Covered note books.

Shopper bag.

Here's an example of the hand drawn illustrations to help you along.

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Susan said...

The covered notebooks look cool