Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Make it - pretty patched tablecloth

Hi everyone,  at the weekend I decided to finally mend a Zara Home tablecloth I got from a sample sale ages ago that had quite big chunks cut out of the corners.  I always like the look of having textiles with a little pretty patch in the corner so I thought I would show you so you can do it yourself whether it needs a hole covering or not!  Unfortunately a lot of my photos were a bit blurry so couldn't show you each stage but will try and explain as best I can.

 So, take your tablecloth, it doesn't have to be a printed one, I think a patterned patch would look really lovely on a plain white or cream tablecloth just to add a highlight.  Note the holes above and below!

I chose some patterned fabric in similar colours to the tablecloth, that I had in my scraps textile basket to patch up the holes.

Iron the cloth if crumpled, especially around the holes so that you can lay it out flat and get a good idea on the sizes you need to cut the patches to.

Next I measured the size of the holes to fill and then cut these sizes out of the patches with an extra centimetre on all sides to turn the edges under.  
On the above hole I made two separate patches because its a funny shape and thought it would look more eclectic with two.  I measured the fabric up to the edge of the tablecloth fabric (not the crochet ribbon part).

Turn and iron the 1cm edges underneath each patch so that it's easier to sew them on flat to the tablecloth.

Next pin down the patches to the table cloth.   I made sure there was about a centimetre or more overlap of the tablecloth raw edges with the patch.  

I am a bit slap dash with my sewing and so I didn't turn under the tablecloth seams and didn't tack the patches down after pinning, I went straight to the sewing machine to fix them in place.  I also don't mind that you would see the raw edges on the back of the table cloth as I'm sure no-one would see!

I first sewed the bigger pink patch, then pinned on the smaller white rose patch and then sewed that down on top.  See below.

For the border crochet that was missing, I was very lucky in that I had a vintage piece that I had bought a few years ago, the was just big enough!  It doesn't match because it is darker and a different design, which I quite like the look of so I was happy to go with it.

For the edging, I pinned the ribbon down over the top of the patches with a very small overlap on the edges (less than 5mm) and used the sewing machine again to attach it to the tablecloth.  I turned under the ends so they wouldn't fray.

Ta da! One pretty patched tablecloth!

For the second smaller hole on the other side of the cloth, this was a bit easier and just needed one patch created in the same way as the above two.

 And that is it, hope you find some inspiration here to make you'r own.

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