Saturday, 2 February 2013

Art on Etsy

Hello everyone,
  Have you all had a good week?  My week has been really good work wise and have started a new diet which is not much fun, but a welcome break from all the chocolate, cheese and wine consumed around Christmas time.

This week I wanted to share Mina Braun with you. Mina is an illustrator and printmaker from Germany, currently living in the UK, Scotland and she has an online shop which I came across a few weeks ago.  Mina is inspired by themes revolving around folklore, fairy tales and nature.  I love her style of drawing and the simple colour palettes.  Have a look at her etsy shop here.

Another artist I like on Etsy is Melanie Mikecz who is a designer that uses mixed media.  Melanie owns the shop TwoEms where she sells prints of her work which are hand painted/sketched and scanned in to adapt on Photoshop.  I love the colours, textures and characters in her work.

The last Etsy shop I'm sharing today is Anna See.   Her hand-pulled prints of birds and other animals are simply gorgeous.  Her range also includes cute houses and shoe prints.  Anna lives in Summerlin South, USA, and loves to be able to share her creativity with the world!

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