Saturday, 13 October 2012

Made it - kiddie's storage bag

Hello everyone, I can't believe another week has gone already since my last post.  I've had a busy week freelancing, have been using two hot-water bottles to go to bed with and today have succumbed to putting the heating on.  

A couple of weeks ago I made this Gym bag for Jules' niece, Alissa.  How cute would this look on the back of your bedroom door?  Or a fantastic Christmas present for someone special!  I am going to be adding these type of drawstring bags to my Beetroot Press shops which can be personalised with your child's name on...or yours!   I love it and it can be used for anything from gym bag, laundry bag, shoe bag, toy bag, accessories, or just general storage to put all your favourite things in.

The fabrics are all planet-kind, being organic cotton, hemp and recycled.

personalised storage bag


30cms x 40cms



...Tabiboo... said...

That is so pretty yet practical and I love the fabric....especially the gingham.

Nina x

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