Wednesday, 31 October 2012

beetroot press - handmade

Hello there,  I can't believe it has been 2 weeks, more or less, since my last post.  Time has flown!  My e-mail account has been hacked into, which I don't think I'll be getting back, so that's been very frustrating and time consuming.  I've been busy making again too and just booked to be at a Craft and Gift fair in Cheltenham on the 24th November, in the Town hall to sell my wonderful wares, so I think most weekends will be spent making from now until then.
Here are some photos of the little purses I have been making.  They are all made with recycled fabrics, I love the denim mixed with the ditsy florals, so are all eco friendly!  One is a Pocket purse, and the other a little envelope.  The Pocket uses vintage floral fabric and has a little ribbon loop to hang it up if you like.  And then to be more festive, there are some robins at the bottom filled with Organic lavender which smell sooo good!

I've ordered some recycled card blanks to make some Christmas cards so I'm looking forward to that this weekend.  I also added a pic of the wrap I'm sending the products wrapped in.  It's basically recycled wrapping paper, so it will differ when one runs out.  I am awaiting some red gingham tissue-paper to arrive in the post to give orders a more homely Christmassy feel.  All very exciting.

Lil' envelope
Denim pocket purse
Envelope purse
Hang it up!
Robin lavender bag
Robin's reverse side
All wrapped up!

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