Friday, 1 June 2012

Make it - very last minute recycled bunting

So as a VERY last minute thing, I decided to make some Jubilee bunting today.  It's slightly jubilee-ish as it's red white and blue, and made from patterned fabrics so you could use it for anything afterwards.

 I only made a short length to go above the door, so you could make it in a couple of hours.

You will need:  Paper scissors, fabric scissors, card (or paper could work), pencil, ruler,  piping, red white and blue fabrics (or any colour if you aren't making for the jubilee), sewing machine, matching coloured cotton thread.

1.  Cut out the triangle size you would like for your bunting: To make it an even triangle, make sure the bottom point of the triangle is central to the top, horizontal, line of the triangle.

2.  Once you have the triangle the size you like, trace it onto another piece of card, then flip it over, leaving a 1cm gap in between the 2, and trace again so you have a diamond shape, then use the ruler to draw a 1cm margin all the way around your diamond shape (this is for the hem when you sew it up).

 3.  Use paper scissors to cut out the diamond (around the extra edge just added).  

4.  Now iron your fabric, so that when you cut out your diamond shapes they will be exactly the same.  I just placed the diamond card shape on the fabric and cut around with the fabric scissors.  Do this with all of your bunting triangles.  I made 10 triangles in total but depends on how big you want the triangles and how long you want the bunting to be.   The bigger the triangles, the quicker you'll get there!

5.  Next iron all of your hems inside.  They should be 1cm wide.

6.  Then fold your diamond in half, so the hems are inside, and you will see your bunting triangles are shaping up!

7.  Lay out your bunting triangles on the floor, or table, to work out what order you would like them to sit on the piping.

8.  Once you have decided on your order, place the piping inside the triangles at the top where the fold is.

9.  Pin the triangles down, so that the points at the bottom meet, and hold it in place on the piping. 

10.  Use the piping foot on your sewing machine and sew along the piped section first.  You may want to change thread colours for each triangle.  I found the easiest way was to sew all the cream first, then sew all the red, then the blue last.

11.  Once you finish sewing along the piping at the top, turn the fabric and continue to sew down the triangle side to the bottom point, turn and sew up the other side.

NB:  I found the bottom point is quite tricky to sew, so I snipped off the ends slightly and turned up the points inside and continued to sew.  You may need to go slow as the fabric will be thickest here.

12.  Continue to sew all the triangles in the same way.

13.  Tie off all the loose threads.

Ta dah!  some cute bunting to join in with the festivities.  Hope you all have a good time this bank holiday if you are celebrating or just chilling out!

I am going to try and hang this outside tomorrow so will post some more pictures and I'm making some bigger bunting as I've got the bunting bug now.

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