Monday, 28 May 2012

Event - glug

Hi everyone,  I've put a few photos below of my 'Beetroot Press' stall at Glug event: 'A Beautiful Summer', which was held on Thursday evening last week.  It was a fantastic event, loads of people came, there were creative talks going on inside from a few different artists and it also combined a 'notworking' networking event.  There were live art demonstrations of screen printing, illustration, painting and collage prints being made.  It was held at Cargo bar in Shoreditch, which I used to go to quite a lot when I lived in London.  It's great for a drink outside and they have cool artworks on their walls to look at as you sip.

I have been working hard on getting all these Homeware bits finished and now adding to Etsy and Folksy shops.  I'll give you a proper introduction and a load of information on it all next week!

Beetroot Press stall at Glug

Caught on camera at my stall.

Wall art

 Linen eco-friendly Tea towels went down well.


Some of the handouts, postcards, leaflets etc

Live screen printing by Waste Studio

Glug hold events most months, so keep up to date with their news here on their site.  I believe they have quite a following.  Big thanks to them for having me, they're a great team!

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It all looks awesome :)