Saturday, 22 June 2013

Gardening in small spaces

photo taken from Pinterest
With the weather warming up, it has sent me into our little patio garden more.  I bought a couple of herbs at a local fair Orange scented Thyme and Black Peppermint, the latter having an amazing scent.

I recently went to a friends new home, it's in Pimlico, London and is just the most perfect blank canvas, we were talking about how to plant up their outside roof terrace and patios and it inspired me to create an outdoor space mood board.  If you're tight on space in the garden, or prefer a fuss free and simple care for area to chill out in, here are some good ideas for you.

I love the idea of thinking as your garden as another room to your home, and bringing the outdoors in.  I have a nice green row of herbs and veggie plants along my kitchen window sill at the moment as we don't have a greenhouse.  Rocket salad, cherry toms, chilli plants, dwarf peas, parsley, basil, and dill. 

Utilising otherwise unused spaces, like walls, to plant features, can be a great way to maximise your garden potential.  I have a very small patio outside, and if we didn't rent, I would definitely be adding some verticle planting to my space, it's such a good way to add interest and colour.   

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