Monday, 26 November 2012

Cosy up your home

Hello everyone,  hope you all had a great weekend.  As it's been getting colder, I have been slowly sewing various things for the house to cosy it up, so after the fair on Saturday I spent Sunday making draft excluders, adding more rugs and choosing fabrics for curtains to add to drafty doors and windows.    I have been searching for ideas on what to do and thought I'd share my cosy home  inspiration with you all...

Layering on blankets, sheepskin, cushions, throws, rugs and adding lower lighting to create a feeling of warmth.

make a cushion from old blankets
Layer up cushions and quilts

 Knitted: Warm and cosy, what better way to add cosiness to your home (if you can knit!)

loving the colours of these knitted poufs.

Arranging: Around a fire, creating little cosy nooks, and adding candlelight can all help to make you home feel warmer.

Anthropologie candle 

Warm wood tones.

textile wall hanging, crochet blankets and little rugs.
 And of course a hot cup of tea helps!

 Most of the images were taken from Design Sponge: Sneak peeks, and some from random web searches for a cosy home.  Tea pot is from Etsy.

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