Friday, 28 September 2012

Wales - country calling

Babs and Julio
As the weather turns, I find myself craving autumn's hues of amber, rust, henna and chestnut and to cosy into warm thick socks and jumpers.  I now sit at my computer with about 4 layers on and a blanket wrapped around me.  The days are getting darker and I want to layer my home in sheepskin, tartan blankets, pots of ivy, and snuggle down into it.  

Our new home's style lends itself to the winter months.  With the cotswold exposed stone walls, large fireplace, low ceilings and beams, it is definitely suitable for hibernation.  I think my mood changed after our trip to see Helen and Steve in Llanybydder, Wales, last weekend.  It was a welcome getaway and great to see old friends, drink and roast marshmallows over an open fire.  They have made the house their own already with an array of textile and ceramic finds, and their creative spirit, and the land they own seems vast and has a wonderful atmosphere.  I found myself not wanting to come home.  

We went blackberry picking, spotted a few sloe berries and made nettle pasta from freshly picked leaves, which made me really want to continue the foraging lifestyle when I came home, infact, I went blackberry picking yesterday and found a good crop just down the public pathway near us.  

I thought I'd share a few photos, I hope they inspire you to get your wellies on and go foraging!  

Outhouses in the courtyard
View from land.
Babs the duck
BBQ time
BBQ food, fresh nettle pasta and courgette noodles.
Turning blackberries
Helen blackberry picking
Homeward bound
Roses growing in old toilet!
Barn door
Late foxglove
Comet the kitten, Julio and Babs the duckies
Veggie patch
View from bottom of land.

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