Monday, 11 June 2012

Design - summer florals

Hi everyone.  To forget the rain and brighten your day I have added some designs that I worked on a couple of weeks ago to update my portfolio.  Have a look here if you want to see the rest.

I drew this design in the garden, on a sunny day, a couple of weeks ago.

This is a re-colour of an older pattern I did.  Loving the fresh colours!

Bicycles and flowers, what more could you want in summer (apart from the sun).

I love this Moth print, I drew this in the garden too.  I sketched the outlines and then coloured and arranged in Illustrator.

 This design was inspired by some vintage fabric my Mum had lying around the house.

1 comment:

Ruth said...

The bicycle design is great, I haven't seen anything like it in the shops. Would be a good design for a dress or play suit or maybe curtains in a child's bedroom.