Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Make it - baby card

I made this double layered card the other day for my friends new little baby girl, Holly.  I thought I'd share it as it is quite a simple but effective way to make a card if you fancied having a go.

First of all, I cut out two pieces of card the same size, they could be any shape or size you like as long as they are the same as each other.  I chose to make mine square, so I cut out 2 x 6 inch by 12 inch pieces of card (to make 6 x 6 inch finished gift card).

I next drew the name on in light pencil in simple letters and a very simple flower shape with leaves.  I then took a craft/stanley knife and carefully cut around the shapes, and gently rubbed out the left over pencil lines afterwards.

I then folded both pieces of card down the middle to create the greeting card shape.

Choose some coloured plain or printed fabric to put inside so that the letters will show up nicely when finished.   Cut the fabric to size so that it will sit just within the size of the card and doesn't hang over the edges.

On the front of the second card which goes inside, the fabric is stitched in the four corners to keep it in place with some embroidery thread (as this is easier to knot on the back).  Alternatively use cotton sewing thread and Sellotape the ends down.

Then to finish off you just stitch down the spine of the card, through both cards to join them together,
and finish off with a knot.

Then write your special message in the middle!

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