Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Love - belle & boo

I have always admired these lovely vintage style drawings by Belle & Boo.  They really evoke my childhood memories of outdoors adventure and reading books like Winnie the Pooh.   The illustrator behind Belle & Boo is Mandy Sutcliffe, and while Belle, the little girl, and Boo, the rabbit, are Mandy's favourite characters, there are lots more to meet.

Belle & Boo print

Boo the rabbit

They have a range of cute cards for different occasions.

This is a card I bought from the range.

Love this pencil drawing with the red highlight.

And how lovely is the movement in this beautiful drawing.

There are 3 story books in the range, and this is Mandy's first 'to do' book: Bubbles before bed, where there are things like colouring in, making bath time buddies from flannel and other creative activities.  Sounds great!

Photo of one of the 'to do's' in Bubbles before bed book.

Belle and Boo also do a clothing range for children, which is really sweet, worth checking out if you have little ones.

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