Saturday, 15 October 2011

Love - rob ryan

I absolutely LOVE Rob Ryan.  For those of you that don't know, he is an artist from a printmaking background and creates these beautiful paper cut pictures.  He adds his wonderful lyrical insight to his pictures, I love his pure, simple but sometimes sorrowful and truthful way of looking at the world.  I also love little birdies, and he uses a lot of them in his work.  What is there not to love? Have a look at his website here or his blog here.

Love this print version of the paper cuts with overlaying colours.

Birds and words!

This is the front cover from the London Stylist magazine which I have saved to put on my wall.

Little birdies everywhere!

These cute mugs can be bought (along with other Rob Ryan goodies) from John Lewis - here.

This is my mug!  A friend bought it for me for last Christmas and it brings joy every time I use it.

The detail in this windy bendy tree and the hedgerow above is amazing.

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Susan said...

I really like the bottom one - windy bendy tree