Thursday, 5 May 2011

SKETCH - Typewriter

Typewriters are no longer being produced! Saw it on the news this week and felt it was a sad moment. My Dad still has a typewriter and I have borrowed it from time to time as love the feeling of sitting down to be more thoughtful about what you write than you may do at a computer. The tap tap tap noise and the faded, imperfect, but quirky text you get from the lovely things! I'm sure they will be selling like hot cakes at all good car boots.

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Arrietty said...

Ah here you are... this is me, your cousin in NZ, you know the chatty one ;)

I'm sorry to hear the typewriters are being discontinued, but then after spending years hitting those keys down with all it's worth for a job it is nice to be able to clatter away on a keyboard ;)